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A Circle of Drums: logoA Circle of Drums... The Rhythms of Life
A dynamic and completely interactive musical experience for most all age groups and abilities, the group rhythmic experience is designed to explore and enjoy the timeless traditions of primal percussion and the celebration of the community.

This engaging and exhilarating encounter for the body, mind and spirit features endless opportunities to play drums of all colors, shapes and sizes from all over the world.
Together we can weave a beautiful noise!

From the dance of the simplest atom to the pulsing of the human heart, everything in the universe possesses the essence of rhythm. And since the beginning of the human experience, people from all over the world have gathered together to celebrate the primal practice of percussion and share an awareness of the cosmic beat.

"A Circle of Drums... The Rhythms of Life" is a community-building, group rhythm-making event that can be an extremely powerful and wonderfully exhilarating body/mind/spirit experience for all who participate.

Once considered a sacred art and effective means of communication by many diverse cultures throughout the world since antiquity, group drumming is once again becoming a popular force in bringing people together to share in the celebration of life.

"A Circle of Drums... The Rhythms of Life" contributes to:

  • Promoting the spirit of teamwork, cooperation and sense of community.
  • Rediscovering the wisdom and lore of an ancient musical ritual.
  • Enhancing concentration, attentiveness, energy and awareness.
  • Reducing stress, fatigue and negative emotions.
  • Developing new life skills and personal interests.
  • Having fun with music and friends!
  • Bill Kehl with drums

    "A Circle of Drums... The Rhythms of Life" is intended for:

  • Special community gatherings, festivals and celebrations.
  • Leadership conferences and training sessions.
  • Youth camps and recreation programs.
  • Educational and cultural enrichment organizations.
  • People of all ages with disabilities.
  • Corporate team-building sessions/retreats.
  • Nature and environmental learning centers.
  • Senior citizens and residential care facilities.
  • Wellness institutes and expositions.
  • "A Circle of Drums... The Rhythms of Life" as experienced by others:

    “Bill Kehl’s spirited group drumming event set the tone for bringing children and parents together for our special community event. The percussion procession involved almost everyone in attendance and virtually lifted the roof off the building.”

    “When participating in a drumming circle, I feel an incredible sense of peace and joy and a connection to everything around me. It’s a wonderful avenue for getting in touch with one’s true self.”

    “Bill is so dynamic! He captivates his participants and the responses are phenomenal!”

    “I invited Bill to bring drumming to a summer ‘at risk’ adolescent group. It was fun to observe communication without fear of error. Enjoyment, listening, cooperation, respect and active participation were almost immediate. What a therapeutic morning, experiencing a powerful process!!!!”

    “Bill Kehl has conducted two drumming workshops for classes of mine... both events were very productive and were a pleasant introduction to the idea of a ‘community’ in a larger context. I found the sessions to be provocative, and to be very adaptable to different educational goals, and can imagine that they would be useful in a variety of contexts, from academics to the business world.”

    “The drumming exercise provided a unique opportunity for our team to connect with one another and bring their own creativity forward at the same time. Some found the experience to be a stress-reliever while others were energized by the team’s ability to get ‘in synch’ as we made music together.”

    “The magic of group drumming is the catalyst... by calling on our instinctive sense of rhythm carried deep within our bones from our ancestors, we truly come together as community. Drumming together, under Bill’s leadership, meant a unity of our community.”

    “The drumming program welded together aspects of P.E., music, history, ecology and ethics. Bill and the beat engaged each and every one of the students... it was a holistic experience.”

    “Bill Kehl makes us feel like we were born to play this special kind of music—we must drum! His energy and love of drumming is very contagious, pulling out something primeval and good within us all.”

    “On behalf of VSA Arts of Wisconsin, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talents... it was very obvious how much the drumming experience impacted the participants.”

    Additional Information

  • "A Circle of Drums... The Rhythms of Life" is a participatory presentation for people of all ages and abilities. Sessions will strive to provide an opportunity to develop individual confidence and learn about the dynamics of keeping together in time. Previous musical or drumming experience is not necessary.
  • Drums and rhythm instruments can be provided for groups of up to one hundred people with participants encouraged to bring personal instruments whenever practical. Several assistants may be necessary to facilitate groups of young children and people with disabilities.
  • "A Circle of Drums... The Rhythms of Life" is intended to be as accessible and affordable as possible to all groups. Due to the varied and specific nature of all group drumming event requests, all fees will be quoted on an individual basis.

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    PLEASE NOTE: The e-mail address published in this brochure is no longer valid.
    All inquiries should be sent to

    Planetary Productions, Ltd.
    Bill Kehl
    N1260 20th Lane
    Neshkoro, WI 54960

    (920) 293-8778
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